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Hi guys! If you're reading this, i'm going to assume you've already seen that i've made some changes to the blog! I decided to rebrand Sweet Sassy & Classy to me more... well, more "me." I've been wanting to make this change for awhile now, but my website's domain name just expired and I figured this would be the best time to do it! So, thanks for bearing with me through the change and the site being down for a bit. But I'm back and more excited than ever to be blogging! Welcome to the new (ish) blog, "Tyller Kate" (formerly known as "Sweet Sassy & Classy"). I hope y'all like it!

Now for today's post. Okay, so, y'all know I love shopping at places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but I also love Ross! Yes, I know Ross can be a total train-wreck. More often then not, it's super unorganized and messy, and there are people everywhere and it's just not the most pleasant place to spend your time. BUT, the very very cool thing about Ross is that you can find some amazing deals! Ross is great because not only do they carry brand names like Steve Madden or Nike, but they also carry high end brand names like Michael Kors, and sometimes even Kate Spade. They also carry a ton of random brands you've probably never heard of, but the good thing is, a lot of their clothes are super cute and super cheap. Plus, you can always mix designer products with lower end products to really bring your look together (like I did here!) You're probably wondering, why the Ross rant? Well friends, both my top and my bottoms are from Ross!

The rest of my look is a bit more high end. My Tory Burch Miller Sandals are truly my absolute favorite pair of shoes I own. I wear the heck out of them! They come in a ton of colors, but the patent 'sand' color is my fave because it goes with everything. My bag is also TB and one of my favorites (if you couldn't already tell, I wear this thing all the time!) because it goes with everything. Another thing I think every girl must have in her wardrobe are these Kendra Scott earrings. They come in different sizes (I'm wearing the Elles) and about a million-and-one different colors. A true classic! So, you see, you can totally get away with mixing high end and low end pieces. It truly does create a tied-together look that doesn't break the bank. 



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