Beanie Weather

Happy Sunday guys! I hope everyone's had a great weekend! Todays blog post is all about these adorable beanies NOXX sent to me! This company is super awesome because they make both adult beanies and children's beanies - so those of you with kiddos, you can get matching beanies! Too cute. 

I love beanies, but I have a hard time finding ones that I really like. These ones though, are amazing. They are super cute, come in different patterns, colors, and fabrics. I love the knit ones as well as the jersey knit ones because they are cozy and keep me warm, but don't make my head too hot. I also love the pink one because its such a fun and cute way to incorporate color into your winter wardrobe. Especially when paired with these fun pink and orange Nike LunarGlides! I'm honestly just so happy I can finally wear my warm fall clothes. It has been so hot here, it was in the 80s all throughout October. Yikes! Looking forward to colder weather and warm and cozy outfits.


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