Black OTK Boots

Guys. These are my FAVE BOOTS. I have always loved OTK (over the knee) and thigh high boots. Unfortunately, I have pretty wide calfs and thighs, and I have a hard time finding these boots because they seem to all be made for people with really thin legs! However, I have hit the jackpot with these show stoppers. Let me warn you before you click on the link to these babies and have a heart attack, I did not pay full price for these. They're from TJ Maxx, and they were no where near as expensive as it says they are on the link. Just FYI!

I am always trying to find ways to wear dresses in the fall. Especially simple comfy ones like the one I'm wearing. LBDs are such a wardrobe staple and this look is just one way to create a cute look around one! I also really love this one and this one

I just really love the fall boots and dress look SO much. Also, I am always down to wear a cute floppy hat. I have to say, this is hands done one of my favorite looks I have ever put together. The near-all black outfit paired with these boots just screams slay to me. I think the OTK boots really take this look from cute to SLAY real quick. This is just such a fun look to me. If you ever want to feel a bit extra, just throw on a look like this and it will make you feel like you just walked into an episode of Gossip Girl. Like I feel like Blake Lively in this outfit (if you don't know the BL look, here it is). Okay, i'm done. Sorry guys I just really like this look.



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