Summer Neutrals

Hi everyone! So I know I've been totally MIA - and i'm sorry! Luckily I was able to get back out today and shoot some photos for a new post. I had such a blast taking these photos with my best friend today (thanks Samantha for letting me drag you around Old Town and for taking photos of me - you are the BEST!!) and I have to say, this may have been my favorite shoot yet! I've found that not only do I love the fashion aspect of blogging but I really do love taking the photos and putting posts together for you guys (thank you all for taking the time to read my blog, I cannot tell you all how much it means to me!) because it's just too much fun!

The weather was nice today (nice meaning it didn't get to be 90 degrees thank goodness) so I decided to go for a good transitional late summer / wishing-it-could-be-fall already look. Okay, so really mostly just a late summer look... BUT let me tell you this outfit could so easily be turned into a fall look. I'll talk more about how in just a bit, but let me tell you more about this look! 

My tank (unfortunately no longer available) is Lush brand which can usually be found at Nordstrom and right now, there is a lot of this brand in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which will be ending soon - so jump on it ASAP if you're interested in purchasing something from the sale. I bought mine from TJ Maxx (surprise, surprise) but this is a top that can easily be swapped out for a similar one - simple white tanks can be found just about anywhere. Try this one or this one. My destroyed jeans are the same ones I always rave about (sorry, not sorry!) because again, they are my absolute favorite jeans and I have not found any that compare. Not to mention they are affordable! Even if you can't find them at Marshall's or TJ Maxx like I do, they are usually under $60 full price. These jeans are SO worth it, let me tell you. My shoes are super cute, but like I've mentioned in a previous post, they're not very comfy. I can wear them just fine for a few hours, but anything after that is kind of torturous - yikes! My crossbody bag is a true wardrobe staple for me and I wear it all the time. It seriously goes with everything! My watch is the same watch I always wear. Yes, I own more than one watch... I just really love this one! My bracelet is old but you can find similar options here and here. My hat, earrings (i'm wearing the medium sized hoops), and necklace are all from Forever21 and are major wardrobe staples for me. I could wear the hat over and over! Plus, I'm loving all of the dainty necklaces that Forever21 has had lately! They're so feminine and they really tie together any outfit. I really love this one!


Okay, this is so simple y'all. Take this look from summer to fall by...

1. Adding a cardigan...
Like these:

2. Adding some booties...
Like these:

But yeah thats pretty much it... So easy! Just add a little something or swap a little something!


So, the sale ends in two days. I know, I'm sorry, I'm sad too. BUT as I previously mentioned, there are several items from the brand Lush in the sale which is a brand that I LOVE. This brand has some of the cutest wardrobe staples. I especially love their tunics! Below are all of the Lush brand items from the N-Sale:

Also, everyone meet my friend Samantha!
She took all of these photos for me, so I just had to return the favor. Also, she asked to be on the blog... So yeah, this is her:

Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned as i'll be posting a back to school clothing shopping guide VERY SOON! It'll be such a fun post with all the details on how I back to school shop and my little tips and tricks. I'll also include some outfit ideas!


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