Pops of Red


Eeek... Ignore my horrible roots y'all! I have a hair appointment soon LOL. I was out shopping
and I found this adorable top and this adorable plaid button down and I just could not resist.
 They look SO cute together! If you are looking for a cute back to campus look, then look
no further because ding, ding, ding we have a winner! Okay but really, I love this look because
there is just so many ways to put it together. You could do different graphic tees like this one
or this one, different plaids like this or this. Or even just a simple plain tee with a long necklace
(I love this one!) instead of the graphic tee. Really, the possibilities (and cute outfits) are endless.
I also think this look would be super cute with Converse or Birks. But I really love matching
my lip color to whatever color is going on in the outfit. Pink plaid or pink necklace = Pink
lipstick. I really just think the pops of coordinating color really make this look come together!

Sorry for the not so beautiful background y'all. In front of my garage was the best I could 
do considering how busy I have been and my lack of photographers! Also, I've been trying 
to post as often as I can and avoid any long gaps in posts. I just want to put as many looks
on here as I can :)




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