A Fashionista's Backpack Essentials

As we get closer and closer and closer to the start of school, I find myself trying to find super cute school supplies. I mean, if you are anything like me, then your school supplies have to be as cute as your outfit... Am I right?? Yeah, I thought so! Well, that is why I have put together a list of all of my must haves for my backpack (or school bag, I use my Tory Burch York Tote as my 'backpack')

This one is pretty self explanatory.  Like I mentioned, I use my TB tote. However, before I got my tote, I used a plain black North Face backpack that I lOVED. I really recommend them because they are amazing quality and come with a lifetime warranty. But, if you'd prefer something a but more fashionable, I recommend using a tote like me or a cute Michael Kors backpack like this or this.

2. Planner:

This is also pretty self explanatory. But I just had to include it and tell you all where you can find some of the cutest little planners you ever did see! I have this one from Ban.do and I LOVE it. It's so cute and comes with so many amazing features! Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade also make some adorable planners, I had a Lilly one last semester and loved it. I also recommend checking out target and TJ Maxx and Marshall's for cute planners as well. I absolutely need a planner to keep my life together. My planner is like my secret weapon y'all.

Again... DUH. You always need notebooks for notes and whatnot, and Ban.do has some of the cutest notebooks I have ever seen! They have cute sayings and patterns and they really are just too darn cute. Once again I also recommend checking out target and TJ Maxx and Marshall's for cute notebooks!

Necessary? No. Totally adorable? Yes. Add one of these bad boys to your backpack or school bag for that extra pop of cuteness. They literally have them everywhere now, but I love the ones from Francesca's because they have so many cute colors!

In college, your laptop is your life. And if you're anything like me, you went out before school started and dropped way too much money on some model of a MAC... Am I right? Well either way, if you have a cheap laptop or an expensive one, you want to keep it protected, and why not keep it protected in style? I also love this super cute laptop case so much!

6. Good Book

If you ever have any free time in school, then you know it's super handy to have a good book on you. I really enjoyed The Kind Worth Killing and definitely recommend it if you are looking for a new book. It's similar to Gone Girl and Girl on the Train. Plus, who knows, maybe someone else will see you reading it and will strike up a conversation about it. Then BAM new friends!

7. Pens:

These Bando pens are just too cute to pass up! I love the one that matches my planner!

You'll obviously need something to carry all those cute pens... So why not get a super cute pencil case to just really bring together your fashionista back to campus aesthetic? This one comes in all different patterns and colors!

I'm doing you all a big favor with this one. Get a cute coffee mug and make your coffee at home. Not only will you save money not stopping at Starbs on the way to school, but you can use your super cute coffee mug as a new chic accessory. You can find super cute mugs by Kate Spade (I love this one!) or at Starbs. You're welcome.

Most of these are pretty boring and lame. I found this super cute one on Forever 21's website and I just adore it. You know all that texting during class drains your battery, so better have one of these handy for when your phone dies! I really like this one and this one.

When I'm at school (especially during the fall season) I find myself washing my hands all the time in a desperate attempt to avoid getting sick. Unfortunately all that hand washing makes my hands super dry, so I like to keep my favorite scented lotion handy so I don't have to deal with the dryness! Plus, it smells good so it's a win-win. I love Bath and Body's A Thousand Wishes. It smells SO GOOD.

For carrying all that makeup of course! I really love this one because the quote is too darn cute. Who knew a little makeup bag could be so fun? You can find more adorable makeup bags here, here, and here!

This is totally not necessary either, but it's cute, sparkly, and monogrammed so I just couldn't not put it on the list. Paired with the Pom Pom Keychain and you've got some super fab backpack accessories! Marley Lilly also has some great monogram keychains!


So, there ya have it y'all. That is the complete list of all of my must haves for my school bag! I hope you all enjoyed this post, and if you'd like to see more posts like it just let me know! Also, if you haven't already, don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin!


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